Unit 2 – Sharing Stories

Unit 1 focused on ‘trust’  to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself, expressing yourself through visual and performance-based methods, and enabling a space to share individual reflections.

Unit 2 will focus on ‘sharing stories’ to understand self and other; expressing oneself through visual and performance-based methods, and creating a space to share individual and group stories to express emotions and to build on the development of trust from Unit 1.

To summarise, the Rwandan proverb ahari abagabo ntihapfa abando means ‘where there are men, others could never die’. The proverb summarises the intention of the unit; collective working can support the resolution of internal psychological conflicts whilst developing positive social outcomes.

By the end of Unit 2, you will have the ability to share your stories with peers and to practice deep listening as an important communication tool.

Guidance will be given to complete the exercises either independently or in groups.

You may need some of the following materials: pen and paper, headphones, mobile phone or tablet, crayons, colouring pencils or markers, and an envelope. Please feel free to adapt exercises as needed, if you do not have some of the suggested materials.

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