Murakaza neza

Welcome to Mobile Arts for Peace (MAP) at Home!

This website is a space to engage in creative exercises, produce artistic work and share experiences related to mental health and wellbeing.

The website has a range of units that cover topics such as trust-building, sharing stories, and active listening. Each unit has several exercises for you to explore with the opportunity to upload your own creative responses.

We hope that by completing these units, you will be able to express and understand your emotions using arts-based approaches (through exercises that might involve drawing, writing, singing, and acting). There are also links to resources, if you feel you need additional support.

MAP at Home is delivered by researchers and civil society organizations from Uyisenga Ni Imanzi (UNM) and Institute of Research and Dialogue for Peace (IRDP)  in Rwanda and the University of Lincoln (UoL) and University College London (UCL) in the United Kingdom.

MAP at Home is funded by the UKRI GCRF / Newton Fund.

Please see the introductory video by Dr Chaste Uwihoreye, MAP Researcher and Director of Uyisenga Ni Imanzi below: